Teens & Faith: Hard questions about youth ministry

It's not easy to work with youth in the church, but some are gifted for it. We all need to share our experience and work together for the success of the Church.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Renovation of the Heart for students

There are so many good books available on the subject of spiritual discipline, aren't there? But when it comes to student/teen friendly materials, the number dwindles quickly. I want to recommend a book I am currently using with a group of my students on Wednesday evenings. Renovation of the Heart An Interactive Student Edition has been in print for almost a year now. It is the Dallas Willard book reframed by Randy Frazee for teens. There are ten sections that lead the student toward a holistic change in being towards living like Christ. We have a ten week series at the church, so we're covering one section per week. I would recommend doing it one chapter per meeting (as the authors suggest) to avoid overloading the students and the teacher. It gives more time for discussion.

Another resource, and this one on-line, is http://www.waytolive.org/ which covers "Christian practices for teens." It is interactive and fun and ought to appeal to the students directly, rather than only being a source for leaders.