Teens & Faith: Hard questions about youth ministry

It's not easy to work with youth in the church, but some are gifted for it. We all need to share our experience and work together for the success of the Church.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Being part of the whole

I recently faced something that I imagine many youth workers have to come to grips with. I discovered that I had allowed myself to be so focused on the needs of the youth ministry that I wasn't giving any attention to the needs of other ministries within the body.

This was not a fun realization for me. I believe that the body of Christ must be connected and vital. Nevertheless I had reached a point where I was effectively trying to exist without being connected. It was hurting the youth ministry and consequently the rest of the congregation. I apologized to the rest of the staff for navel gazing. I think that was an important confession for me to make.

Did anyone else notice it? I don't honestly know. Most around the table seemed to be surprised. It doesn't really matter because I noticed. How often do we go on doing things we know aren't helpful because it's easier and no one has appeared to notice the problem? We need to hold ourselves accountable. It has to begin somewhere. We must be working together if the church is going to thrive.